OHS Gearing Up For The Spring Sports Season

OHS prepares for an exciting spring sports season.


OHS prepares for an exciting spring sports season.

Orono High School is getting ready for an exciting yet hectic spring sports season. With the constantly changing weather conditions, the Spartans have had to be adaptable. But with the support of their classmates and the community, the athletes are ready for an exciting season.

Boys Tennis
After a big season last year getting third place and essentially having the same team this year, the boys tennis team is looking forward to another incredible season.

“The team’s atmosphere and overall environment has been really good so far,” senior Sam Skanse said.

The team is led by senior captains Preston Perrill and Matias Maule and coached by Aaron Dvorak. With all of the matches so far being canceled due to bad weather, the team is eager to get out on the courts.

With several college commits, the Orono Boys’ Baseball Team is hoping for a good season. Although they have yet to have a game due to weather conditions, they are eager for their first game that will hopefully take place on Thursday, April 21st. Senior captains Charlie Larson, Connor Mahoney and Marko Sipila will lead the team this year.

Golf (boys)
Coached by David Herring and led by captains Nathan Koopman, Will Peterson, Wesley Carlsen and Taam Swiler, the golf team has big aspirations for the season.

“I’m most looking forward to possibly winning some tournaments,” Koopman said.

With their first match on Wednesday April 18th, the team is excited for their season to start.

Golf (girls)
Led by captains Gigi Martin and Katie Kagel, the girls golf team has high expectations for the season.

“We had a bunch of new girls sign up this year so I’m excited to get to know them and make new friends,” junior Josie Raiche said.

After having a player advance to state last season, the girls are hoping to send more this year.

With a harder schedule this season it will be critical that the girls work on their mental toughness.

“We’re focusing on creating a good environment; being able to support one another and helping each other grow,” senior Sydney Govrik said.

Captains Linnea Jensen, Morgan McPherson and Sydney Govrik will lead the team. With all of their games being canceled so far, the girls are looking forward to their first game on Tuesday April 19th.

Track & Field
Led by captains Aidan Mueller, Victor Ruhland, Owen Hirt, Angelo Fiatarulo, Zander Dent, Ella Johnson, Eliza McKown, Emily Olson and Abygail Denneson- the track team is looking forward to lots of exciting events.

“I’m most looking forward to trivia with coach Matt during core,” Mueller said.

With several meets already under their belts, the team is looking forward to the rest of the season.

Lacrosse (girls)
After falling to Eden Prairie in sections last season, the girls are looking forward to a comeback.

“We have a young team and a lot of talent, so I’m excited to see us play games and perform,” senior Kate McGrann said.

Seniors Kate McGrann, Hannah Ragan and Emily Nauss lead the Orono Women’s Lacrosse Team. With their first game behind them, the Spartans are looking forward to an exciting season.

Lacrosse (boys)
Led this year by captains Charlie Brophy, Sam Swearingen, Joey Lieberman, David Antonenko and Jack Kopesky, the Spartans have high expectations for the season.

“I’m excited for the section games,” Brophy said.

With their first game under their belt and the rest of the season ahead of them, the boys are excited for the rest of the season.