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Orono honors a transition of superintendents

Outgoing superintendent Dr. Karen Orcutt (left) and incoming superintendent Dr. Kristi Flesher (right).
January 21, 2021

On Dec. 7, 2020, the Orono Schools Board of Education accepted the retirement of Superintendent Dr. Karen Orcutt as well as approved her successor, Dr. Kristi Flesher. Both of these leaders have fostered...

Traveling During COVID-19

January 15, 2021

Traveling has been limited and risky ever since COVID-19 cases have continued to rise in the United States. Recently, airports and airlines have found ways to allow people to still travel but in a much...

New Zealand and the Climate Crisis in the Pacific

New Zealand and the Climate Crisis in the Pacific
January 11, 2021

New Zealand and the Climate Crisis in the Pacific Roxy Neset Staff Reporter In early December, New Zealand declared that climate change has reached an emergency state. Although this declaration is...

Walz Loosening MN Covid Restrictions

January 7, 2021

In Minnesota, Governor Tim Walz is progressing towards safe and new ways to slowly reopen our state back to simpler times before the Coronavirus.  We now are given loosened restrictions and updated rules...

Pets Play Important Role in Improving Mental Health

Freshman at Orono High School, Maddie Johnson just got a new Cavapoo puppy. His name is Theo!
December 20, 2020

One of the most challenging aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic is the lack of social interactions. Because of this, mental health has been put at risk. The continued social distancing and quarantine has...

Avoiding Financial Stress and Budgeting During the Holidays

December 20, 2020

There is often a stereotype that the holidays and end of year can be a very stressful time for a majority of people and cause a toll on people's emotional health. This is often viewed this way because...

Orono School District Moves to Distance Learning

A student's distance learning set-up.
December 8, 2020

As COVID-19 cases in the state have surged in recent months, the question of whether students should be in the classroom learning or learning at home has come up many times. The Orono school district...

The Countries Razed by the USSR

A map of the countries that separated from the Soviet Union
December 3, 2020

In Estonia, the average yearly salary is $16,310, the highest among the ex-Soviet countries. Tajikistan has the lowest, coming in at an average of $880 per year. The Soviet Union left the parts of Central...

Orono Technology Levy Fails to Pass

Students in a classroom complete work on their laptops.
November 11, 2020

The Orono technology levy referendum was barely rejected early this month with an against vote of 50.33 percent to a for vote of 49.67 percent, according to Hometownsource. The proposed levy would have...

School Mental Health Is Not Just for Students: Teacher Health and Wellness Is Important

Use one or several of these tips to help manage the stress in your life!
November 11, 2020

Mental health relating to school usually refers to the wellness and health of students. However, this also touches on the wellness of teachers and educators. With the COVID-19 pandemic, school staff, specifically...

Voter turnout soars in 2020 general election

The 2020 general election sees high voter turnout on both a state and national level.
November 11, 2020

The historical significance of the 2020 general election stretches in multiple directions, one avenue being the high rate of voter turnout. Voters rushed to the polls and drop-off locations, fulfilling...

2020 Presidential Election Live Results

November 3, 2020

The 2020 Presidential Election is this evening and the results from the polls throughout the country are gradually coming in. As ballots are being counted, the winner of the electoral college votes from...

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