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John Graham: from a drumming prodigy to an aspiring professional musician

January 22, 2021

John Graham is an Orono senior with an undeniable musical talent. Graham’s love for playing music began when he got his first drum set on Christmas in fifth grade. Learning how to play the drums, Graham...

I’m a Man’s Best Friend

Mmmm yeah that’s the good stuff. Wow I can never get sick of this.
January 19, 2021

Every pet owner wonders the same thing, what is going through my pet's mind? What are they thinking about? Throughout this project, I wanted to bring the viewer the perspective of a dog’s life through...

Finding effective study habits and managing stress during finals week

January 14, 2021

As the daunting finals week is approaching, it is crucial to not only prepare academically, but to pay close attention to other factors that may affect finals week performances. Sleep deprivation,...

Creative minds bind together

Creative minds bind together
December 8, 2020

Each year a group of students at Orono creates a yearbook that captures the history and the best memories from the school year. There is never a year when the yearbooks look the same or have the same theme....

Seasonal Recipes

December 4, 2020

Every year during the holiday season, baking becomes an event for many families. Grandmas’ old recipe books are taken out of the back of the shelf and multiple generations gather around to decorate...

New music providing an escape from the Pandemic and politics

Photo of Sam Smith's new album and album cover.
November 12, 2020

As the stresses of 2020 build upon each other, music continues to provide a boost in mood and an escape from everyday stress. Popular artists, Sam Smith and Ariana Grande, both recently released new albums....

Orono Homecoming in the Time of COVID, FOCO

Orono Homecoming in the Time of COVID, FOCO
November 12, 2020

In any normal year, this past week would have been Homecoming week. But this year is far from normal so the school had to change things around. Instead of HOCO, it was FOCO (fake Homecoming). What would...

Halloween Takes Its Stance

Halloween Takes Its Stance
October 31, 2020

This year has been a large shock since the beginning, with coronavirus being one of the largest, hardest-hitting diseases the school, and world, has experienced in this generation. With major shutdowns...

COVID-19 with Sophia Capece

June 3, 2020

Sophia Capece, an incoming Junior at Orono High School, has made the most of her time out of school during the COVID-19 school closure.

What students are doing to stay busy during quarantine

June 2, 2020

Students have lots of time due to quarantine. Many have developed hobbies or even built upon previous hobbies to keep themselves entertained. Of these students, I chose to include Megan Craft, Aaron Brekken...

What the Class of 2020 Lost and Learned

What the senior class of 2020 lost and learned.
June 1, 2020

The closure of schools nationwide for the remainder of the school year has affected all students in various ways. However, some are feeling harder hit than others. For many graduating seniors in the class...

The impact of distanced learning on special education

The impact of distanced learning on special education
May 27, 2020

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, special education teachers are facing more struggles than ever before. Dealing with technological complications, communicating with families, and meeting the needs...

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