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This shows some of the basic emotions that can be experienced. It gives a glimpse into how many emotions there are and how what they might look like.
The 6 Basic Types of Emotions and Their Effects on Behavior
Tillie Hogenson, Health and Wellness Editor • May 6, 2021

“I would define emotion as a way to express your feelings to the people around you,” senior at Wayzata High School Chloe Peterson said. According to the Department of History and Civilization, emotions have been an object of study for many years. The 1940s and the 1970s was...

This infographic shows the horrific statistics currently occurring against the Uyghur ethnic group of China.
Xinjiang Genocide in China
Libby Engebretson, Opinions Editor • April 9, 2021
Families come together in a pre-COVID Pride, Salt Lake City, 2019.
Living As The 'Other'
Rachael Driskill, Staff Reporter • April 15, 2021

For those identifying as anything other than cisgender, heterosexual, and allosexual (allocishet), the obstacles to overcome in finding one’s place in the world are numerous. For...

Mrs. Herring, Juliana Ward, and Mikayla Burns are getting ready in room 216 for the annual start of Garden Club.
Garden Club Springs Into Action
Libby Engebretson, Opinions Editor • April 5, 2021
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Official March Madness Logo
Sparty's March Madness
Mikayla Burns, Editor in Chief • April 5, 2021

According to the NCAA website, over 70 million brackets were made in 2021 for the men’s March Madness tournament. With many upsets made during the tournament the NCAA is reporting that only 0.025 percent of brackets had the correct final four teams. On April 5th the final game of the tournament will...

Wild Season Update
Wild Season Update
March 12, 2021
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Gracie Hornbaker
Gracie Hornbaker
Editor in Chief

Hi! I am Gracie Hornbaker, and I am this year's Editor in Chief. This is my third year being involved with the Spartan Speaks. I love being apart of the...

Lauryn Pietrzak
Lauryn Pietrzak
Editor in Chief-Visuals

Hello Everyone! My name is Lauryn Pietrzak and I have been a part of the Spartan Speaks since my sophomore year. I love turning my articles into broadcasts...

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