New Voters Prepare for Upcoming Election



Voting allows for citizens to get their voices heard, so vote!

Jillian Cook, News Editor

With less than three weeks until Nov. 3, both interest and tension are heightening around election day. Inundated with information and reminders, new voters face sorting out their research and beliefs in order to choose their respective candidates.

This Presidential election, as with all others, brings an entire new cohort into the voting process. Yet, new voters are often confused as to what the process looks like and what positions they need to vote for. Spoiler alert: there are more positions on the ballot than just presidential and vice presidential candidates.

“What you’re going to be surprised by as a new voter is just how much you’re asked to vote on the entire back side of the ballot,” Orono High School’s political science teacher, David Herring said.

It’s an election like I’ve never seen…voting is unbelievably important.”

— David Herring

On the ballot for the 2020 Election are those running for federal offices including the president and VP, as well as U.S. senators and U.S. representatives. There are also state representatives and state senators, county commissioners, park commissioners, council members, mayors and multiple judicial office positions.

With this many positions on the ballot, it is hard to keep track. Luckily, websites such as allow voters to do everything from check their voter registration status, to look at what positions will appear on their ballot based on their address. It even allows voters to research and save their selected candidates.

Other resources such as the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State provide a detailed guide on what to expect on election day, including new COVID-19 protocols. It is important that new voters are informed and excited about casting their own ballot.

“We’re lucky enough to live in a nation that gives people the opportunity, it’s important to have your voice heard,” first-time voter in this upcoming election senior Sophia Gunderson said.

With everything from the control of the Senate to the possible outcomes with this being a census year, there is plenty at stake for this election.

“It’s an election like I’ve never seen…voting is unbelievably important,” Herring said.

New voters should register to vote, research the prospective candidates and take pride in knowing that every vote counts.

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