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The 2020 general election sees high voter turnout on both a state and national level.

Voter turnout soars in 2020 general election

Jillian Cook, News Editor November 11, 2020

The historical significance of the 2020 general election stretches in multiple directions, one avenue being the high rate of voter turnout. Voters rushed to the polls and drop-off locations, fulfilling...

Voting allows for citizens to get their voices heard, so vote!

New Voters Prepare for Upcoming Election

Jillian Cook, News Editor October 9, 2020

With less than three weeks until Nov. 3, both interest and tension are heightening around election day. Inundated with information and reminders, new voters face sorting out their research and beliefs...

Civic Engagement Among Teenagers

Rae Malik, Copy Editor November 5, 2018

Rae Malik Copy Editor Civic Engagement is doing service for the community that help develop a set of skills. Civic engagement can be both political and non-political. Oftentimes civic engagement is...

The election reflected on social media platforms.

How Voting has Changed Throughout the Years

Lisa Suerken, News Editor December 1, 2016

The 2016 election was one that will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most intense competitions. With many having very extreme opinions on either candidate, the results of the election were...

Brittany Kado-Spears uploaded her own picture with the Vote YES sticker

The New Orono 2016 Referendum

Maddie Marquis, Features Editor November 8, 2016

For eligible voters, it is essential to be informed about the presidential candidates, and to understand what can be voted for at a local level.  This year the ballot on Nov. 8 will contain two questions...

What is Absentee and Early Voting?

Hannah Rippberger, Online Team November 8, 2016

As you probably know, the election is coming up.  It seems as if every commercial break has a line up of political advertisements.  If you are 18 you more than likely have been told it is your civic...

Orono Election Results

Orono Election Results

November 26, 2012

With the past election behind us, the city of Orono/Long Lake had very diverse results compared to the rest of the state and even the country. This movie compares the results of Long Lake/Orono voters...

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