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How much is really going to charity?

List of the top 10 worst charities in America

Katie Udell, Editor in Chief

May 16, 2019

Katie Udell Editor in Chief Companies around the world pride themselves on giving their proceeds to charities, but what many don’t know is that only a small percentage actually benefits those in need. Marketing strategies to draw in customers to “feel good” about buying a product are only a fals...

Looking back on high school as a graduating senior

Ellie Fasbender, Editor in Chief

May 9, 2019

Ellie Fasbender Online Editor in Chief   As the 2018-2019 school year is coming to a close, seniors look at their years throughout high school and reflect on what they would have done differently or give some high school advice that they may have learned over the years.   Fre...

Are the Kardashians tricking us?

Emelia Lowe, Opinions Editor

May 9, 2019

Since Keeping up with the Kardashians (KUWTK) aired on tv in 2007, the Kardashian- Jenner family has continued to dominate the headlines with their soap opera-esque lives. Keeping up with the Kardashians started out as a reality show about Kris Jenner and her bunch of crazy kids living in a ranch style...


The scent of spring is released through a bed of moss and greenery

Anika Sodhi, Online Editor

May 9, 2019

Anika Sodhi Online Editor Demi, Gavin Kaysen’s newest restaurant, opened in February of this year and is located on Second Street in downtown Minneapolis. Gavin Kaysen is a highly decorated chef and owner of Bellecour, Spoon and Stable, and Demi. Since it opened, reservations in the highly excl...

Top Popular Video Games to Try in Early 2019

Today's gaming world offers a variety of new consoles and game types.

Annika Sorenson, News Editor

May 6, 2019

Annika Sorenson News Editor The diversification of platforms allowing for gameplay has lead to an influx of game production, along with the creation of games that allow for socialization and appeal to a larger audience. During 2019 so far, several games have topped the charts with millions of s...

Dear Mr. Rogers, We Need You

Thumbnail for YouTuber Jake Paul's video

Cari Spencer, Editor in Chief

May 6, 2019

A man with graying hair steps through a wooden door, smiling as peaceful jazz music plays. He sings with a smile, buttons up a cardigan, then takes a seat and ties his shoes. The opening sequence to “Mister Rogers Neighborhood” is wholesome and pure--there is no upsetting action, unnecessary cussing or d...

‘Pet Sematary’ falls short

'Pet Sematary' falls short

Claire Suchy, Copy Editor

May 6, 2019

Pet Sematary delivers an hour and forty minutes of horror, excitement, and suspense. With shaky ratings, Pet Sematary raked in nearly $60 million at the box office. The cast consists of both well-known and new actors, including John Lithgow, Jason Clarke and Jeté Lawrence. However, the strong performances pu...

‘Us’ boasts staggering sophomore effort from Jordan Peele

Nina Johnson, Features Editor

April 29, 2019

Jordan Peele’s sophomore film Us made its long-awaited debut on March 22, leaving Peele fans and critics alike with burning questions and little to no answers. This film, following his Academy Award winning film Get Out (2017), is an endearing yet hackneyed attempt at incorporating metaphors into the horr...

Khalid dominates the charts, yet again

The Ticketmaster page for purchasing Khalid tickets

Caroline Robson, News Editor

April 26, 2019

Caroline Robinson  News editor  Since his debut album American Teen in 2017, 21 year old Khalid Robinson, known by his mononym Khalid, has taken the music industry by storm. Popular with many teens and young adults but also admired by older and younger generations, Khalid’s soulful voice wa...

Orono Does Not Prepare Students for the Real World

Caroline Robson, News Editor

April 2, 2019

Caroline Robson News Editor When I say Orono, I am not just referring to the school. I am referring to the town, the community, and the bubble that encompasses us, setting us up with unrealistic expectations of how the world will work. The ‘Orono bubble’, as many affectionately call it, is ...

Spring Play Radium Girls Brings New Level of Intensity to OHS Theater

Senior Katherine Dore runs lines during rehearsal for her character, Nancy Jane Harlan, a tabloid reporter.

Cari Spencer, Editor in Chief

March 27, 2019

English teacher and play director Kelsie Balon predicts that the OHS spring musical, Radium Girls by D. W. Gregory, is one that will soon become a classic, favorite high school show, much like Arsenic and Old Lace. As the OHS theater program is at the leading edge, embracing a soon-to-be popular play be...

How Entitled Is The Orono District?

Jagur Justen, Opinions Editor

March 11, 2019

Jagur Justen Opinions Editor Edina high school students who have been referred to as “cake eaters” for years, due to their more high class economy. While Orono students do not have a nickname like that, they have a reputation as well. Though students at Orono work hard and are deserving of t...

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