Most Legendary Sports Cars of all Time


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The new Porsche 911 GT3 RS is expected to release later in 2022.

The three greatest sports cars of all time is a very hard decision to make. After hours of thinking, I have come to a consensus. Sports cars have been getting more advanced every year, so much that calling them sports cars wasn’t enough. There are now subcategories to help distinguish between fast, faster, and fastest.

Sports cars taking the fast position with supercars being named faster and hypercars being the fastest. Decades ago, there was no such thing as a supercar, as technology has advanced and appeal for fast cars has grown the industry has gone bonkers; always trying to shave fractions of a second off their track times and taking just mere grams into account while building them.

Although I am not opposed to these tactics, simpler times of automotive innovation definitely appeal to me. The three cars I have decided on, are either on the legendary status of cars or are on their way of getting to it. These cars are not only extremely advanced mechanics machines, but some say they are a form of art. The cars I have chosen are not in order in any way as they are equally great all in their own way.


Porsche 911
The Porsche 911 was first made in 1963, almost 60 years ago. With over eight generations being made, the 911 has become an icon in the automotive world. The 911 is one of the last cars to maintain the same body style throughout its entire life. It has won countless races in many big-name events across the world. In 1976, Porsche won the Le Mans 24 hour endurance race.

The car being raced uses a turbocharged motor directly from a 911 carrera RSR Turbo. It was the first turbocharged prototype car to ever win the race. This technology eventually came to road cars. Even though the body style has barely changed in almost 60 years, the 911 has advanced greatly since the first one in 1963. As well, the Porsche 911 is one of the last sports cars to offer a true manual transmission.


Mclaren F1
The Mclaren F1 is one of the most special cars ever made. The price that comes with them backs that statement as well, with a Mclaren F1 recently being sold for over 20 million dollars. The Mclaren F1 has been described as one of the most raw yet comfortable cars ever built. It came with three seats, one in the middle of the front and two to the left and right of the driver. This was done to reciprocate the driving position of a Formula 1 driver. The center driving position allowed for spectacular sight out of the car and made driver weight distribution much more even.

The goal of the F1 was to bring as much Formula 1 technology to the road as possible hence the name of the car. Not only is the Mclaren F1 blistering quick through the corners but it still holds a world record for the fastest naturally aspirated car ever, reaching 240 mph. This was achieved by mating a 618hp BMW 6.1L V12 to a manual 6-speed transmission. Overall, the Mclaren F1 has been constantly growing in popularity as more and more enthusiasts deem it the greatest sports car of all time.


Bugatti Chiron
The Bugatti Chiron is a car that is changing the future of hypercars. The Bugatti Chiron is an absolute monster in the straights reaching 261 mph. If 261mph isn’t enough for you, you can purchase the Chiron super sport 300 which is capable of doing over 300 mph. These speeds do not come at a small expense though. The cheapest Chiron starts at three million dollars and ranges well into the four million dollar range depending on the specification and model. As well, with a 1500hp 8L W16 pushing it down the street, it is not easy on gas consumption.

The Chiron is able to consume its entire fuel tank of 26 gallons in under seven minutes. The Bugatti Chiron was the first production car to ever reach 300mph putting it into the upcoming legend category in my mind. I feel in the future this car will become even more desirable than it already is and become an appreciating asset.