The World Within Crescent City


Claire Hyrkas

Take a look to see if Crescent City is the place for your imagination to run wild.

Do you want to dive into a fantastical world full of fae (fairies) and angels? If so, pick up the wonderful book Crescent City House of Earth and Blood written by Sarah J. Mass.

Mass is a New York Times best-selling author. Most of her work follows the genre of fantasy, some other notable books written by Mass include, A Court of Thorns and Roses as well as Thorne of Glass.

With any well-written fantasy novel, the universe itself must be put into place. Mass does a wonderful job of building this world so that the reader can truly immerse themselves into the story without getting lost.

Within the book, Maas sets up the world that includes the Vanir (the supernatural) and the Humans. The city is headed by an archangel by the name of Micah.

The novel opens by following the two best friends Danika Fendyr, a powerful and sassy werewolf and Bryce Quinlan, a quick-witted half-human half-fae. One night, Fendyr is unexpectedly murdered. Fendyr’s death is the turning point in the novel to when the real story begins, still following Bryce Quinlan but now with Micah’s slave, a serious Hunt Athalar.

With Fendyr’s death, Micah decides to task Quinlan and Athalar with finding the truth behind the murder. The two characters are on the destined path of enemies to lovers. The two characters are written with an absurd amount of tension to make for an interesting, intriguing couple.

Though it seems like a crowded world, Mass writes with such fluidity and youth that it allows for the story to be told effectively and without intense boredom.

“I loved the first book and the book left us on such a cliffhanger so I was anticipating the next book so much,” senior Sydney Mathias said.

The second book, Crescent City House of Sky and Breath recently took the shelves on Feb. 15, 2022. Many readers were highly anticipating this release after finishing the first novel.