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The Importance of Having a Hall Monitor and RSO in Orono High School

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Orono halls are monitored by Ronald “Banks” Jenkins

Many schools in the United States have taken steps to tighten school security, including hiring sworn law enforcement officers to patrol the buildings. However, school security does not end at SROs, in recent years, hall monitors have become more and more popular.

Although several schools only have one or the other, Orono District understands the importance of the faculty that ensures the safety and well-being of students in all aspects of their academic growth and personal development. As they recognize the seriousness of protection, Orono has Officer Justin McCoy and Hall Monitor Ronald “Banks” Jenkins patrol the hallways throughout the building.

Officer McCoy has been an SRO for Orono schools for two years now and has created and developed more than a safe environment for the students and faculty. McCoy reaches for the goal of connecting with those around him and creating companionship so others feel safe and guarded through someone they can trust. He continues to make a presence in all 4 of Orono’s buildings every day to ensure full protection.

“I provide security and safety for kindergarten through 12th grade in all buildings where I can respond quickly to an incident if it happens,” Officer Justin McCoy said.

Despite McCoy’s main role of providing protection, faculty around the school have taken advantage of different learning opportunities that McCoy can provide. Forensics teacher Ms. Curtis has brought McCoy into her class several times which gives her students a whole new look at what they are learning.

“The kids get to ask questions about crime scenes and other things from someone who has experienced it in their real life,” Forensics Teacher Ms. Curtis said.

Although Hall Monitor Ronald “Banks” Jenkins plays a similar role in seeing who comes in and out of the school, he claims that he makes more of a presence with the kids.

“I want to be there to make the students feel safe and let them know they have someone that has their back under any circumstance,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins started as the new Orono High School hall monitor on March 14th, 2023, and since then he has created a new sense of protection for the high school. From catching students vaping in the bathroom stalls to handing out unfortunate parking tickets, Jenkins doesn’t fall short of his important role of monitoring the kids throughout the day.

“Before we had a hall monitor it was hard and I would constantly walk around and kick students out where they weren’t supposed to be, however, I’m fairly busy and it was hard to stay on top of everything,” Assistant Principal Jeff Aman said.

Aman did not have the time or capability to be in more than one place at a time and ever since Jenkins was hired, Aman has had nothing but nice things to say.

“We’re seeing a lot of attendance increase, which is better for everybody right? It’s all related. I could not have picked a better person for that job. Banks are relational. He really cares about you all, you know, he’s like a good coach and will call people out if he needs to,” Aman said.

Both Officer McCoy and Banks Jenkins have made several personal connections with students as they value relationships with those around them. They both have impacted the school in very positive ways, more than just the security of the school. The Orono School District is more protected than ever as they value the safety of their students while also encouraging their well-being, academic growth, and personal development.

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