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First Week As A Orono Freshman

Kaelin Carpenter
Read below to learn about what Orono High School is like during its first week for freshmen students.

How the first few weeks of the year are going for the new incoming freshman at Orono, kids around the world worry about what it’s like to join a new school, especially high school, but most times It’s not as bad as people think. Asking current freshman and current teachers teaching freshman classes about how the first few weeks of school Is going and tips for other incoming freshmen.

One of the biggest things about being a freshman Is being uncomfortable because of the new school, new teachers, and the uncertainty. All the teachers do their best to make all the students comfortable, especially the freshmen.

“I like the freshmen because they work hard and get good grades, they are just a little scared of asking questions,” Business teacher Lisa O’Meara said.

“I like the high school teachers a lot more because they understand teenagers more and seem more willing to help, even though It’s sometimes scary asking,” Freshman student Max Spronk said.

Snack break and spartan hour have been big hits for students at Orono, giving students a little more time to take a break during the day, giving them extra work time, and being able to talk with other students at the school.

“I really enjoy snack break and seeing a lot of different people In the hallways,” Freshman Emerson Winter said.

Lots of freshman students tend to be scared of the upperclassmen just because they look way older even though this is mostly not true.

“They are really scary, ” Spronk said.

As a freshman, you may not know the unwritten rules of high school, such as where and where not you can sit at lunch or protocol for passing time protocol and snack break. The result in doing so may result in a scary conversation with upperclassmen.

“I gotta be on my best behavior around them. I get really nervous when I walk by them because I feel like they are gonna beat me up,” Winter said.

“The seniors I know are not scary but the ones I don’t know seem super intimidating,” Spronk said.

In some schools, there is a big difference between high school and middle school. We asked the current freshman what the major differences, such as with schedules, are between the two schools.
“I like how we start ten minutes earlier and end ten minutes earlier compared to middle school. Last year I would wake up and leave at the same time as I do this year, but now I get off 10 minutes earlier,” Spronk said.

Being a freshman can be unsettling the first few weeks of school, but once you know the ways at the end of the day it’s just the same old school work.

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Jackson Woodburn, Staff Writer
Hi My name is Jackson Woodburn, I am a senior at Orono and have been here since second grade. I am the basketball manager for Orono and also a baseball player. In my free time I like to watch sports and do high stakes gambling.

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