New COVID-19 Variant Spreads More Easily


Omicron Variant hits humans differently

The Coronavirus has been spreading throughout the world for over two years and has caused many fatalities across the globe. As the pandemic has progressed, viral mutations have dispersed new variants, such as Delta, Omicron, and one that was discovered recently, but has yet to be given a title. The Omicron variant was first detected Nov. 24, 2021.

The Omicron variant is likely to spread more easily than the original coronavirus. How easily Omicron spreads compared to Delta remains unknown. The CDC expects that anyone with the Omicron variant can spread the virus to others, whether they are vaccinated or not, as well as not having symptoms, according to the studies conducted by the Center for Disease Control.

Omicron was discovered in South Africa. With it being such a transmissible disease across the world, there are less hospitalization problems with Omicron. California hospitals are finding out that Omicron causes fewer hospitalizations and the people that are hospitalized are having shorter stays, according to experts at the World Health Organization.

“I have been keeping up to date on the symptoms that are different depending on whether you are vaccinated or not, and it may be mild for the people that are vaccinated,” senior Blake Nelson said.

When COVID-19 was first introduced to the world, states went into lockdown and a “new normal” was implemented. Multiple states are putting new restrictions out again, such as New Mexico, of which has enforced a new mask mandate. In New York, the mask mandate continues. Masks are recommended in all states. However, there are certain states that do not require people to wear masks.

“I think the government should be making testing more accessible by giving out home test kits like they have started doing. I also think that they should keep continuing to campaign for people to get the vaccine. I don’t think a lockdown is the answer to combating COVID. We need to learn how to live with it while also trying to mitigate it by wearing masks and getting vaccinated,” student body co-president Ben Summers said.

Omicron has gone on to make COVID-19 appear more daunting because of how quickly it is infecting people. However, Omicron is a mild variant compared to the other variants. There have been multiple studies showing that if a person has been fully vaccinated, they have a higher chance of protection and milder symptoms than those without the vaccine.

The Omicron variant is spreading at a rapid rate, faster than any other variant of the coronavirus. With the increase of cases now with the Omicron variant, there is a higher demand for the testing. The current vaccines are being tested currently on how they will work with the new variant, according to the experts at UC Davis Health.

As of Dec. 20, 2021, Omicron cases have been found in every state in the U.S. . It is the fastest spreading variant of the COVID-19 virus yet, and it is still increasing, according to Lauren Leatherby.

“If you can’t breathe, there is no solution around going to a hospital or being hospitalized. A CPAP machine is used during this time for certain cases. Social distancing, masking, frequent testing, and avoiding large gatherings as best as possible is going to be the most effective solution to keeping us safe at this time,” OHS health clerk Ann Turner said.