Class Competition: Recap


Schools all over America are celebrating Homecoming week this fall. Students and teachers participate in dress up days and look forward to getting involved in the activities the school provides. Among those activities, Orono High School has the tradition of having all the grades participate in a competition involving dance battles, lettuce eating, dodgeball, musical chairs and tug of war.

Along with the fun games and dress up days, students from all grades decorated each level of the school according to their assigned class color. Seniors decorated the top floor gold, Juniors decorated the second floor black, Sophomores decorated the main floor white and Freshman decorated the basement purple. Students used streamers, balloons and a variety of different designs to make each floor their own.

Students enjoy participating in each of the events. 10 people were involved in the tug of war game from each grade. They battled it out as all the students watched from the Pesonen Stadium bleachers.

“Tug of war was fun for the seniors because we absolutely clapped the other grades. There was no resistance, we were just running with the rope,” senior Megan Kosital said.

As a result of the friendly competition, Seniors took first place, while Juniors and Sophomores tied for second and the Freshman took last. Class competition and hallway decorations are a special part of homecoming traditions that students thoroughly enjoy.