Excitement Soars for the Sequel to “The Summer I Turned Pretty”



The Summer I Turned Pretty returns to Amazon Prime this summer for season two

After a killer first season, the show “The Summer I Turned Pretty” has garnered many viewers and fans. The show is anticipated to release season two this Summer, leaving many fans eager to find out what decisions Belly, the main character, will make after leaving season one on a cliffhanger.

Season one of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” was released on June 17th, 2022, and gained a quick audience. Becoming one of the top shows on Amazon Prime. With that, many people have come to love the show, and label it as a “comfort show;” a statement used to describe a show that viewers cannot help but seem to rewatch over and over again.

“I absolutely love the show. It’s really fun and lighthearted. The production team did a great job at casting, bringing the characters from the books to life. I’ve watched the show three times already; it has definitely become one of my favorite comfort shows,” OHS Senior Brooklyn Elsenpeter said.

After the great success of season one, the show has since been renewed for a second season. The filming process wrapped up on November 8th, with an anticipated release date for Summer 2023.

“I am excited for the next season for the show. However, I think it is going to be very sad and more serious than the previous season. I haven’t read the books, so I don’t know what the plot for season two is, but with the way the first season ended I have a feeling something bad is going to happen. Belly, the main character, is going to have a lot of important decisions to make in this next season such as whether she is going to end up with Conrad or Jeremiah, the two love interests on the show,” OHS Senior Taylor Effertz said.

The series, originally written by Jenny Han and directed by Erica Dunton, centers around Belly, a teenage girl who is navigating the struggles of life and love. Many young viewers connect with the show and the teenage experiences the characters go through.

“I think so many people love this show because it is so relatable. It is just a feel-good show,” Effertz said.

The plot of season one differed from the original plot of the books. But those who have read the books and seen the show cannot help but love them both.

“I think they did a really good job of bringing the book to life in the show. The show did alter from the book plot a bit, taking some liberties to try and make the show more interesting and not hop around from year to year like the books do,” Elsenpeter said.

The second season to “The Summer I Turned Pretty” wrapped production November 8th, and as Summer 2023 nears, excitement continues to grow for the sequel.

“I’m beyond excited for season two to come out. I read the books, so I have an idea of what might happen so I’m eager to see how they will bring the sequel to life. Belly has a lot of big decisions to make so I am excited to see how that plays out in the next season. Because the first season differed from the plot of the books a bit, I am interested to see how much of that original plot is going to stay the same for the next season,” Elsenpeter said.

Fans are eager for the next season of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” to be released on Amazon Prime this Summer. With the adaptation of the first book differing a bit from the original plot, fans can’t help but wonder how much of the original plot will stay the same for the following season. Regardless, many fans are excited to watch what adventures Belly takes on in season two.