The Orono Spartanettes “groove” into the state competition

Feb. 14 and 15 marked the state competition for dance teams across the state of Minnesota. Dance teams from all regions of the state, including Orono’s own Spartanette dance team, gathered at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis to compete in the two-day competition. After placing first for high-kick and second for jazz at the sections competition, the Spartanettes earned themselves a spot at the state competition for both routines.  This was not the first time the Spartanettes have performed a routine at the state competition. Since the 2016-2017 season, the Spartanettes have won or placed in the top 4 at the sections competition which has sent them to the state for the past four years.

On Friday the 14th, the Spartanettes performed their jazz routine to the song “Find Me” by Sigma with which they advanced to the final competition and finished in sixth place overall. The next day, Saturday the 15th, the Spartanettes performed their high-kick routine titled “Escape Room” with which they did not advance to the final competition and placed ninth overall.

Check out the photo slideshow above highlighting the dancers and their journey at state!