Freshmen Face the Reality of High School


Megan Albers

The freshmen start to gather in their hall at the beginning of snack break.

The freshman prepare themselves in every way possible.  They have double checked their school supplies, and have had their first day of school outfit planned for weeks.  The first day of school is already behind them.  Before they know it, the first couple of weeks pass by too and they finally have time to sit and assess their high school career thus far.

Is high school what they expected it to be? How does their high school lives compare to their middle school lives? Is high school everything that they dreamed it would be after watching every episode of One Tree Hill and Friday Night Lights?  

I have a lot more homework this year, and finding the time to do it isn’t as easy as it was in middle school,”

— Reece Clifford

The transition from middle school to high school academically can pose as a difficult struggle. High school can bring about many changes, some of which we can prepare for, and others we cannot. As it is widely told throughout a student’s entire middle school career, it is crucial that high school students try their best to get good grades, so in turn they will get into their desired college.

“I have had a lot more homework this year compared to middle school.  I have also noticed that there are more tests than in middle school, and they are more frequent,” said Molly Martini after completing her first month of high school.

Molly, like many other freshman students, expected that there would be a lot more homework compared to middle school, and for the tests to be harder.  

“I have a lot more homework this year, and finding the time to do it isn’t as easy as it was in middle school,” said freshman Reece Clifford.

Not only are academic standards higher for high school students, they are exposed to a wide variety of advanced classes that can be overwhelming and stressful at times for high school students.

“The classes are much more rigorous this year because I am in a good amount of accelerated classes,” freshman Kyle Swanholm said.

Socially, high schoolers are exposed to a much wider range of activities to participate in than those of a middle schooler.  With the activities fair in the first few weeks of school, freshman are finding themselves getting settled into new clubs and activities, and finally immersing themselves in the student section where they have officially earned their place.

“I found that there was a lot of opportunity to be social in high school.  I have loved going to games and being able to sit in the student section.  It feels really including to finally have a place to stand in the student section at sporting events,” Martini said.

Whether fully engaging oneself in studies, or making sure to attend to as many sporting events as possible, high school can be one of the biggest transitions a teenage student has faced in their life thus far.  

The next few years to come are essentially the building blocks of a high schooler’s life.  Although it may be overwhelming, it is important to remember that at one point, everyone has been in their shoes, and one should embrace this new chapter in your life whole heartedly in order to fully appreciate all that high school has to offer, because it goes by quickly.