OHS Pep Fest Fun


Libby Engebretson

Orono Senior class homecoming court members Hannah Ragan and Sam Swenson, participating in the parade.

Every year, Orono High School celebrates Homecoming with a variety of school-wide activities. The pep fest is the last event to take place, occurring on the Friday morning of the annual football game.

Pep fest is a day-long occasion that offers a variety of events such as a game of powder puff and a parade of student activity floats. The entire high school student body also gathered to watch the free-kick competition, hear words from captains of the fall sports team, and watch a dance performance by the Homecoming court.

“The purpose of the pep fest is to celebrate Orono’s roots and traditions in a fun and creative way,” OHS senior Josh Delange said.

The student body was very excited to participate in the pep fest this school year, following the pandemic. OHS students of every grade were able to participate in the parade, recognized across the community. Additionally, junior and senior girls were all invited to play in the annual “powder puff” football game.

The day ended with a gathering of the student body at the football stadium. This is where students enjoyed watching the dance team and football team collaborate on a dance.

“My favorite part is getting to watch the dance team and the football team do their dance,” junior Sammi Francis said.

The day was a success- ultimately uniting students together, and evoking school spirit amongst each class.