Tailgating event intends to unite Orono community

The Senior Student Body members who put together the tailgate event together pose for a picture.

Bringing any community together is always a significant goal. However, the Orono student body has brainstormed several ideas to enhance this upcoming school year. For the first time ever the Student Senate is putting on a tailgate party before the football game against Waconia on Friday, Sept. 17.

“The goal of our tailgate is to unite the community. Especially after COVID, there hasn’t been that much to connect with others,” senior class co-president Jack Kopesky said.

This tailgating event is intended to bring not only students, but families and friends, together. The event will be held at the rock next to the senior parking lot at Orono High School, and begins at 5:30 p.m.

“I don’t know how this will affect the community, I just hope that there is a good outcome with all different grades and parents.” Junior Kyle Kallenbach said.

The positive response from the community has benefitted a large stretch of Orono High School students who will be attending the Tailgate.