Sports have returned to OHS


Lily Mass

Senior Connor Chappell dunks the ball while the opposing team can only watch.

Minnesota high school sports have been on pause since November 21, 2020. That put an end to volleyball and football season. With many things being shut down most students have been waiting for winter activities to start.

Minnesota state legislators have introduced information about sports. Teams will begin practicing on January 4th, sports were given a 10 day mandatory practice period. This means they have to have practice for at least 10 days before any form of competition. Sports have specific guidelines they must follow. For example, they can only have a certain amount of fans, if they wear a mask, and if they follow social distancing.

During wrestling, athletes are not required to wear face masks because they could be a choking or visual hazard. When they’re not on the wrestling mat it is required that you wear a mask and social distance. Each participant will be allowed to give one ticket to family members. The amount of fans is based on the venue.

“I’m glad we get to start sports again. It’s a good thing we don’t have to wear a mask while wrestling because it could be harmful. We already spread diseases throughout the season such as ringworm.” Orono varsity wrestler David Wilfert said.

Basketball players must wear a mask through the entirety of the game. Players must maintain social distancing, the bench will be spread out giving each player space from other players. Family members are allowed at the game and must wear a mask and practice social distancing. Players will not be able to use the locker room so they must come to the games in their uniforms.

“I certainly don’t like that we have to wear a mask while playing but if it means we can play then I will wear one. I am concerned that wearing a mask while being physically active will cause harm to some, but I am glad we are back playing and I hope everyone follows the guidelines so that we won’t get shut down again.” Orono varsity basketball captain Connor Chappell said.

Sports have been in progress for a week, so far the guidelines are helping keep everyone safe. Hopefully as the season continues more information will be released. That will make it so guidelines change making it a lot more fun for student athletes.