States slowly reopening with CDC guidelines


CDC is allowing businesses to kick back up again but they are many precautions that are needed to allow them to remain safe to others.

The stay at home order that lasted for a couple of months felt like years for everyone but now, Minnesota along with other states have lifted that order, and states are seeing life slightly return to some sort of normalcy. People have been going outside in public instances more often and businesses have been allowed to reopen as long as they are maintaining their business safely for everyone. Governor Tim Walz spoke publicly on this last month and said that businesses such as restaurants, bars, salons, and others will be allowed to open again June 1st, as long as some kind of safety plan was prepared and businesses are only allowed to accept up to 50% capacity.

But the concern is, is it too soon? Will this increase the curve of the Coronavirus in all states that reopen? According to Twin Cities Pioneer Press, 4.4 million people have filed for unemployment, which means the amount of people in total who have filed for unemployment has reached around 26 million since March.

“I think it is great that the state is reopening because we can’t just hide from this virus forever. The quarantine was just to flatten the curve, not eradicate the disease altogether,” Junior Grace Garthwait said.

According to the CDC, businesses that do reopen are required to clean and disinfect surfaces regularly, social distance at least 6 ft apart, conduct daily health checks for employees, encourage workers to wear face masks/coverings while at work, use technology to help social distancing, and many more.

While more states such as Minnesota have businesses reopening, it is still crucial to take care of your health and others. All states want to continue to return to normal and move forward, not backward.