Orono football season comes to an end


Photo/ Mikayla Burns

Orono’s final game for the 2019 season.

Gracie Hornbaker , Features Editor

A few Tuesdays a go, the football team played in the first round of sections against Holy Angels. The team went in hopeful for another win to add on to their previous achievement against their opponents. What was supposed to be the beginning of the sections journey ended up being the final game for the 2019 season.

The student section was filled with enthusiastic fans\; string lights lined the front fence to match the Christmas theme. Holiday fan spirit was in the air throughout the game, even though Orono football was trailing behind. Students wearing Christmas sweaters and Santa hats cheered as Orono’s 2019 season came to a conclusion.

“The student section may have been a little smaller than it should have, but that didn’t stop us from cheering our hearts out for our team,” senior Eleanor Robinson said.

By half time the score was 7-20, in favor of Holy Angels. Players stood at the sidelines cheering on their teammates. In the end, the Spartans lost 14-27. The energy quickly dwindled amongst the football players and students. Everyone was still proud of what their players had achieved.

“The best part of football is all the memories you make with your friends. Sometimes things don’t go your way, though,” junior Joey Tilzer said.

Even though the 2019 football season came to an end sooner than players had hoped, the season was still a success for Orono. The Spartans lost three seniors this year due to injuries, but the upcoming classes have equally talented players to make each and every season better than the last.