The Great Technology Race


Zach Adams

The foldable Samsung Powershare is one example of new ideas in the great technology race.

Technology companies are constantly fighting with each other to see who can come out with the next big thing before each other. In the technology race, Samsung has been leading the way with new and innovative ideas that have left competitors in awe. Creations such as the foldable phone and the ability to share battery charge between compatible phones may have shifted the way we view technology today.

With back-to-back hits, Samsung’s products have been reaching headlines of numerous news stations. The new foldable phone and power sharing ability has caught a lot of customers by surprise. One of the big underlying successes of these new abilities is that they beat Apple to the chase. Since they beat them, Apple can’t create idea’s similar to what Samsung has created.

The most recent and controversial product, the foldable phone, has awed and disappointed many of its customers. Said to become one of the biggest breakthroughs since the mobile phone, the Samsung Galaxy fold was made to switch from a tablet to a smartphone in just seconds.

Even though Samsung is coming out with these new phones and features, I still plan on sticking with my Apple products.”

— Gus Hendrickson

They have also improved the camera and added in six, pro-grade cameras. They have also added the feature “Infinity Flex display” when the phone is in tablet form. This feature allows for a massive viewing screen to capture more length and width in your photos. The amount of storage capacity that the phone is able to hold has been drastically improved. The phone is able to hold 512GB of storage which is significantly more than the Iphone X.

However, the negative that has brought up the most publicity, seems to outweigh all of its positives. Many users have complained about a broken screen. This problem has stemmed from the fact that users are peeling off a polymer layer which they thought was a screen protector. Due to this significant problem, Samsung has delayed the release of the phone until further notice.

“The power does not fully transfer over. When you use it to help someone you aren’t getting anything in return except for a friend who can go on insta for another 20 minutes.” said Senior Fisher Eiss.

The Powershare ability allows Samsung users who both have the application on their phones to wirelessly charge their batteries with one another. You turn on the ability and put your phone on top of the phone to which you would like to share battery with. This ability is perfect for constant travelers and people who are go through battery very quickly.

This ability however takes quite a bit longer than the typical cord charging. Another negative to this ability is that you are not allowed to access your phone while in Power Sharing mode.

“Even though Samsung is coming out with these new phones and features, I still plan on sticking with my Apple products,” junior Gus Hendrickson said.

The decision to switch to Apple was never easy for senior Fisher Eiss. After being excluded from multiple group messages and dealing with bad snapchat quality, he decided to never look back and purchase a Apple phone. For many people, growing up using an Apple phone was very common which has caused people to stick with the company.

Ideas such as rooms being able to send out battery charge and triple flip phones provide no limit for future technological developments. The race to see what company comes out with the “next big thing” is already in full effect.