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The student news site of Orono High School

The Spartan Speaks

Char Naegele

Char Naegele, Staff Reporter

Char Naegele, an Orono High School Senior, was born in Greensboro, North Carolina on  April 3rd, 1998. As a freshman, Char found her passion and place in The Spartan Speaks as an illustrator. “I enjoy letting people know of things that have been going on; either around the world or district wide, I like being able to share that information with people.”

Not only does Char enjoy illustrating for The Spartan Speaks, but she also enjoys getting the word out to the readers about what is going on in the world around them. “After watching All the President’s Men in class, I decided that I wanted to be like Woodward and Bernstein.”  After getting her foot in the door for The Spartan Speaks, Char wanted to expand her writing style by signing up for Journalism 1 and eventually Journalism 2.

Outside of the concrete walls of Orono High School, Char likes to spend her time doing a wide variety of intriguing activities. These activities vary from hunting deer and duck during the hunting seasons to being very involved in historical reenacting where she plays the role as part of  the Soviet Union Red Army in Hastings, Minnesota. “It makes me really interesting because no one else really does this,  and I also get to collect and ‘play’ with old guns.”

To continue on with Char’s interest in intriguing activities, during the rugged, Minnesotan winters, Char likes to spend her time helping children learn how to ski. She is a ski instructor at Ski Jammers.

When Char is out and about with her friends having quality bonding time, they like to spend it mostly hanging out, watching Netflix or at the mall enjoying eachother’s company. When she is with her boyfriend, their favorite place to go together, when they’re not reenacting, is Buffalo Wild Wings because “that is our party place,” or they enjoy browsing Home Depot looking for new projects to complete together. They also like to get outside and enjoy the fresh air while riding vintage bikes on a nice Minnesota evening.

In the next fifteen years, Char would like to pursue a career in law and if possible, also do something where she can continue to chase her passion in music and “ ...find a way that I can involve music into my life.” If Char could have any job in the entire world, she would want to be Christina Aguilera because she is a great singer and she makes a lot of money. Eventually when she is settled and comfortable in life, Char would like to have a family of her own one day and hopefully get her children into reenacting as well.

“If I’m really laughing, it’s a mixture between Spongebob and a machine gun… It’s just like Dada Da Da dadada” says Char when she was asked what personality her laugh would have, if it was a person.

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