Seniors: Looking Back

Shannon Crosby, Business Manager

It’s this time of year when underclassman and faculty begin to say their goodbyes to our fellow seniors, many of whom have been attending Orono since grade school.

For some this is a very sad and emotional experience, mostly for parents and teachers, having to say goodbye to their students and children as they go off to college or any other after high school plan to experience the real world on their own.

Many of Orono’s seniors reflected on their high school years and some even shared a favorite memory or two.

“I would have to say my favorite memory is when we made a slip n’ slid down the main hallway. We would start by the senior benches and it would take us all the way to the cafeteria,” senior Will LeNeve said.

While some OHS seniors reflect on their prime years, others express their opinions on leaving a place they know so well.

“I’m sad because I have been at Orono for 12 years, although I am also happy because I’m ready to experience college. I guess you could say it’s bittersweet,” senior Sophia Sterling said.

While some students are indifferent about leaving, some can’t wait to leave and experience college.

“I’m going to be attending University of Arizona. I’m really happy I’m leaving because I want to get out of Orono and be on my own. I will miss some of my friends, but I know I’ll visit them over the summer,” senior Brooklyn Duffy.

Most of Orono’s seniors this year will be going off to college after they graduate high school. Many are excited to get out of Minnesota to finally be on their own and out of the nest. For others, it is a bittersweet feeling and they express that they are happy to experience college, but are also sad because they will miss home.

“I don’t really have much feeling about leaving. I only went here for one year so I’m not very attached. I will be happy to go to college though,” senior Ashley Antonenko.

As the students, faculty at OHS, parents, and Orono community members say farewell to our fellow seniors they will always remember the positive impact they had at OHS.