Artists in the Throes of Inktober


Photo/ Rae Malik

Svea Torgerson's day seven drawing for the Inktober challenge.

Rae Malik, Opinions Editor

This October, people are taking part in a challenge called Inktober. Inktober is drawing a set of prompts each day for the entire month of October. Everyday, an artist uses their prompt list to draw the designated topic for that specific day. For example, if day four’s prompt is pumpkin, then one would draw an ink drawing that they believe resembles the prompt.

Participants can follow a prompt list arranged by Jake Parker for each day or they can create their own prompt list. The amount of time each person spends on a specific prompt varies. It can range from someone spending a couple of minutes to hours, and the only supplies people need are a pen and a journal.

Jake Parker, an artist based in Utah, created the challenge Inktober in hopes of encouraging himself to improve his drawings. Parker created the challenge back in 2009 but it did not attract a large audience. However, after a few years, Inktober has gained a wide range of audiences through social media. Inktober participants are able to share their drawings with other artists on social media.

A tip that might help would be creating or using a prompt list. Another tip would be setting time aside out of the day that is dedicated to drawing. However, it is okay to miss a day and should not make one feel pressured. Lastly, try to see other artwork or publish your own on social media. Social media is a great tool since it allows artists to not just share their artwork but get inspired by other people.

“Inktober makes people feel like they are part of a group in which other people are doing the same thing and ink is kind of a freeing medium even though it’s somewhat permanent,” art teacher Ms. Hudgins said.

“My advice would be to make a prompt list before Inktober starts, because then you have time to think about what you want to draw and do not spend too much time on each one,” senior Svea Torgerson said.

Anyone is able to take part in Inktober, and people participating in it range from beginners to professionals. It allows artists to stay motivated but it does not place a large amount of stress on someone. Inktober has been able to unite artists across the globe on its platform through social media, making Inktober an encouraging and rewarding venture for artists.