Orono Men’s Soccer’s Latest Dub


Photo/ Carolyn Fritz

The men's soccer team after their impressive win in Waconia.

Grace Berbig
Opinions Editor

Orono Men’s Soccer celebrated their 9th win on senior night last Friday against the Delano Tigers. After a 4-3 win against Rockford, the boys were excited to take on another competitor. The game began with a goal scored by the Tigers, and was followed with a goal scored by senior Reece Clifford with an assist from Nick Byrnes. Byrnes then proceeded to stop several attacks. A speedy pass from Ben Summers to Ben Halloff resulted in another goal for the Spartans, leaving the score at 2-1 plus a save by goalkeeper Michael Hughes right before halftime.

Beginning the second half, Will Johnston, corner headed by Finn Roher, bumped up the score to 3-1. The excitement in the field as well as the stands is palpable as the boys celebrate their third goal of the game, making it their 11th of the week.

Another goal by Ben Halloff after a fifty-yard run and a precise shot left the Tigers with seemingly low motivation. Tigers take on more physical tactics, holding constantly, while senior Nick Larsen shoots down several attempted attacks. Michael Clements makes a notable save from a free-kick by Delano. All seniors got playing time during the game, the smiles on the field were priceless as the boys raked in another win, leaving the final score 4-1.