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Senate Allows Students to Lead for Change

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Student Senate gives students elected by their peers a chance to be a leader and seek out problems to fix within the school; representatives from each grade create change for the better and strive to make sure all voices are being heard. From planning events, fundraisers and attending leadership conferences, Student Senate members do it all.

I love senate conferences. Meeting new kids and telling other schools what is working for us and helping others is super awesome to me”

— Jack Randolph

Student Leadership conferences are offered to those participating in NHS (National Honors Society)  or student government. There are county conferences, state conferences and national conferences. All are events where senate members from many schools can get together to collaborate and share ideas on what is not working well and what is, in order to improve each others’ schools.

“I love senate conferences. Meeting new kids and telling other schools what is working for us and helping others is super awesome to me,”  senior class president Jack Randolph said.

Recently, Orono students have faced changes such as music being unable to be played during lunch and snack break, as well as disagreements on sporting event dress up days. By taking a vote and talking to Principal David Benson, senate members were able to calm the school and provide reassurance that their concerns were being heard and dealt with.

Taking the knowledge of what is and is not working at their school, Orono Student Senate travels to various conferences–even out of state ones in places like Washington D.C. and Chicago. The NSLC (National Student Leadership Conference) takes pride in providing hands on experiences for the kids at the conferences. The conferences pull public speakers in to each conference to provide inspiration and valuable lessons that set kids up for a successful college and after college experience, according to NSLC.

“I love going to conferences with students outside of the classroom and am able to get to know them better in a different setting,” Student Senate advisor and English teacher Grace Nohner said.

Nohner, Jarett Lundquist, and Doug Erickson are the OHS Student Senate advisors. They supervise meetings and the student senators’ work. Attendance at senate meetings is highly valued and required in OHS’s senate. They meet once a week to discuss events coming up and collaborate on any issues the school may be facing at the time. Meetings provide leadership opportunities for students as they advocate and learn the purpose of work, according to WaterLood School Board.

“I love attending meetings every week because everyone in our senate is super close and everyone respects each others opinions, which I really like,” senior senator Conner Olson said.

Many senators from OHS and other schools across the nation value their school and being the voice for their class. Incorporating ideas and solving problems are the foundation of Student Senate.

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Senate Allows Students to Lead for Change