Making the Best of Valentine’s Day

Usually when people think about Valentine’s day, they think of hearts, couples, a flying baby wearing a diaper and most of all, love. This holiday is one that people either love or hate. Most of the time it is enjoyed by couples or people who are in love with being in love. The people that hate this holiday are usually the ones who are not in relationships, used to be in a relationship or people who see other couples in love and think to themselves, “Gross. Vomit.”

That can all change this year. If you are one who enjoys or even loves Valentine’s day then I have a couple of things that you and your significant other can do for some heart-filled fun. And as for those who tend to completely ignore February 14, well I have some things for you too, so don’t worry.


Things to do for couples:

Recreate your first date

Movie marathon

Cook at home

Shopping spree

Visit new places

Scavenger hunt

Spend the whole day together with no technology

Go on a walk

Double date

Go to a museum

Create your own song

Go paintballing

Do all of your favorite things in one day

Make a scrapbook

Things to do for singles (girls):

Hangout with friends

Throw a party

Treat yourself

Have a spa day with friends

Go out of town

Do “Secret Santa” Valentine’s day style


Things to do for singles (guys):

Watch sports

Throw a party

Hangout with friends

Go out of town

Do nothing all day and veg out

Do something you haven’t done in a long time

Some of the things listed above are not for everyone. Every person and every couple are very different from the next. Hopefully you can find something to do on this “gross and disgusting” holiday, or if you’re a supporter, this “loving and magical” day.