Mass Shootings Changing the Nation Around Us


Anna Miller, Editor in Chief Online

According to USA Today, there have been more than 200 mass shootings in the United Stated since the year 2006, and a mass killing can occur about every two weeks.

Some of the largest shootings include the Virginia Tech shooting, Fort Hood shooting, Aurora shooting, Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, and the most recent being a shooting at a community college in Oregon.

Because of the increased wave of mass shootings, things all around the country are changing, including opinions on gun control and other safety measures.

According to a survey done by the Pew Research Center in 2013, specific requirements for owning a firearm have become more favorable, like performing background checks and preventing people with a mental illness from buying a gun, though general gun control is not popular.

Mass shootings have also raised questions about laws and safety regulations, like whether or not teachers should be armed, using firearms as a last resort to protect the students from dangerous intruders, or if gun control needs to be instated.

The increased quantity of mass shootings is also raising the question as to why so many are happening.

Harvard research tried to answer that question but drew blanks when they discovered that the data was seemingly random and unrelated.

Security has changed too. Airport security has gotten more intense. Public buildings now have security systems, including schools like our very own Orono High School.

At OHS, there have been cameras and other security devices installed in order to protect students and staff at the public high school. Doors remain locked during school hours, and the only entrance during the day is through the main office.

It is true that more mass shootings have occurred since 2011 than before, but do not be alarmed. They seem more frequent than they are due to over-coverage by the media.

Though research shows that there are no explanations to the wave of mass shootings in the nation, you can always be safe by reporting any suspicious activity to the authorities.