Spreading awareness through soup

Katie Berrell, Editor in Chief - Print

“It’s about spreading awareness really. We love to see the community come together for dinner, but then also have conversations about why they are there,” OHS art teacher Jayne Hudgins said.

Hudgins came to teach at Orono over 15 years ago, and when she arrived, she saw a need that was not apparent to most in the community.

“Orono has always been known as a wealthy community, but what most people chose to overlook is the fact that there are people all around us–in our schools–who have a real need, and that is something I wanted to address with Empty Bowls,” Hudgins said.

The community will be hosting its annual Empty Bowls event this Thurs. at 5:00 p.m. in the high school cafeteria.

In preparation for the event, three-year parent coordinator Stephanie Windler has taken on the responsibility of handling the food donations that come in, overseeing the making of the bowls, creating publicity for the event, and bringing in donations for the silent auction.

One of the most important points of the event is that it is 100 percent non-profit.

“I think that is something unique about the Orono Empty Bowls, because I don’t think I know of an organization that gives every penny of their proceeds to charity,” Windler said.

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