Black Lab Rides City Bus to Park

Eclipse rides city bus to park.


Eclipse rides city bus to park.

Claire Hasselman

A black lab named Eclipse just wants to go to the park. If her owner takes too long to finish his cigarette, and the bus arrives, Eclipse climbs aboard to ride the city bus to the park. She rides with the other Seattle, Wash. passengers.

It’s amazing to know that a dog knows when to get onto the bus and gets off at the right stop. Jeff Young is the owner of this pooch and in an article in USA Today, he said, “She’s a bus-riding, sidewalk walking dog.” Young said he catches up with Eclipse at the dog park three or four stops away.

Bus riders report that Eclipse hops up onto a seat next to strangers, and watches out the window for her stop. A frequent bus rider said, “All the bus drivers know her. She makes everybody happy.”