Transitioning into the New Semester

Shannon Crosby, Business Manager

It is that time of the year when students are the most stressed out: cramming for finals, begging for extra credit and hoping they have studied enough to get good grades.

Ending the semester is always a make-it-or-break-it point for students. Depending on what grade students are in, it is all different.


Freshman year is the cornerstone of a good high school education with the first final, the first set of final grades that matter, and the first time of feeling more stressed out than ever before. Freshman year is what gets students started into high school. It gives them a window to look through on how the rest of high school will go.

New Semester tips for freshmen:

  1. Get your work in on time
  2. Study for all of your tests
  3. Plan ahead
  4. Be respectful
  5. Pay attention


Sophomore year can be looked at as a relaxed year. It is not the first year of high school, it is not the year you have to worry about the ACT, and it is not the last year of high school. Yes, students still have to study and actually try, but it is a little more relaxed.

New semester tips for sophomores:

  1. Work hard
  2. Think about what classes to take in the next two years
  3. Don’t procrastinate
  4. Take little breaks at times
  5. Try something new


Junior year can be a very stressful year for most. Students spend a lot of time worrying about the ACT, and trying to get good grades. Students are excited to be getting ready for their final year of high school and then go off to college or wherever they want to be.

New semester tips for juniors:

  1. Try to keep stress levels down
  2. Reward yourself for good work
  3. Try your hardest
  4. Start thinking about college and the ACT
  5. Try to get as much sleep as possible


Senior year can be described in two words: excitement and nerves. Seniors are excited about finally getting out of high school and finally being on their own.  The nerves come in when they have to do their final ACT, apply for colleges and then worry about getting in to their first school of choice. Although it can be a little stressful for some, senior year can be somewhat surprising.

New semester tips for seniors:

  1. Apply to colleges
  2. Think about what you want to do
  3. Relax a little
  4. Push yourself to get good grades
  5. Enjoy it while it lasts
  6. Try to escape the senior slide

Each year is very different from the last: the transition into high school as a freshman, then taking a little break as a sophomore, then starting to think about college and taking the ACT as a junior, and finally senior year when students can’t wait to go to college and experience new things.

Even though students are all stressed about finals, grades, and just school in general, it is big learning opportunity for all grades.