Bringing people together

Shannon Crosby, Business Manager

Hana drawingHana Naegele
Orono has a very special community. Time and time again we come as one to support each other in our wins and losses, and not just when it comes to football games. Orono has shown how to come together in the best times and the worst. We as a community recognize the service of others and bring forth the joy and happiness together.

Communities come together in many different ways every day. Students get involved in youth projects at their schools, parishioners volunteer at their churches, families volunteer at soup kitchen, and much more.

Orono has made an impact. Not just as a community, but we have achieved goals others have yet to reach.

As a school Orono is known as a district of character in the United states. The students here have made a difference by showing their care and commitment to this community.

We also show our and care and commitment even when it is the things that hit a little closer to home; tragedies  have struck Orono as a whole, but we stayed together.

Seeing our community come together in many ways is truly an amazing thing. By doing this we are role models for not just our younger brothers and sisters, but other communities as well. The community is a strong unit full of many different people, and when we all come together and bring our ideas forward we can really make a difference.