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Empowering Tomorrow’s Business Leaders: Unveiling the Orono High School Business Club

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The Orono High School Business Club is a shining example of creativity and entrepreneurship within the school community. In a society where developing business skills is becoming increasingly important, this club offers students an engaging environment to investigate the fields of leadership, teamwork, and industry.

“I joined this year because I thought it would be a fun and informative club,” along with saying, “My favorite part is talking about different stocks,” Senior Kyle Lewis said.

When we dig deeper into the workings of the Orono High School Business Club, we find a thriving group of bright young people ready to share knowledge, work together, and improve the business world.

Many students at Orono High School have found themselves wanting to pursue a business career; partaking in this club has helped many students get a head start on their careers, using this opportunity to grow their knowledge.

“I joined this year because I’ve been curious for a while about what path I want to take in business, and many of my friends are in it, so that’s always a plus,” senior Domenick Cline said,

The hands-on aspect of the Orono High School Business Club’s activities is one reason why students enjoy and find fulfillment in it. Through the leadership of workshops and project management, students actively participate in real-world scenarios beyond traditional textbook learning.

“The purpose of the business club is to provide a collaborative environment to discuss stocks and give advice to underclassmen about their high school classes. Particularly about DECA.” Lewis said,

By applying a practical approach such as DECA, students gain a deeper comprehension of business concepts and experience a sense of accomplishment when they see the real-world outcomes of their efforts.

“It’s just meant to encourage and educate people about what business is about and also to help facilitate social interaction and total emotion. That’s always a good thing, especially in business, because it’s really about who you know in business, and that usually takes you places.” Cline states,

The OHS Business Club is a growing community that enjoys social connections and cooperative activities, not just a group of students interested in business. Students drawn to the club frequently experience a feeling of friendship among peers with similar interests in business and entrepreneurship.

“My favorite part of the club is the people that come to it and come to support the club, and I enjoy everyone’s knowledge within the realm of business,” Senior club president Kennedy Owen says.

The social component of the club is essential to building a community where students can share stories, trade ideas, and form lifelong friendships.

“I like the social interactions and how we get to pick and pitch stock ideas for our club portfolio,” Cline said,

One key draw for students is engaging in lively discussions about stock markets and investment strategies. The club provides a platform for students to delve into finance, share insights, and pitch stock ideas.

The club discusses any current topics within business and has a guest speaker who will come in periodically and talk to the group. Whether they are budding investors or simply intrigued by the stock market dynamics, students find a space within the club to explore and develop their understanding of financial markets.

Most of the students who are part of the business club plan on using their knowledge in the outside world. students see themselves as knowledgeable and engaged professional community members after graduation.

“From this club, I will use the information I learned about investing in the future to aid in my own investments,” Lewis said,

As they deal with the complexities of the real world, the knowledge they have acquired in the business club proves valuable.

“I would say how to be a leader is the biggest takeaway. I’ve learned a lot about that and inspiring people to come back to the club and I’ve learned how to invest in the stock market from my peers.” Owen says that

The desire to have a real impact in their chosen fields motivates club members, whether going to school, starting a business, or working in the workforce.

“I use business currently because I like that little internship at my dad’s business. I have to make marketing collateral so it has come in handy.”Cline also said that,

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