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The student news site of Orono High School

The Spartan Speaks

The student news site of Orono High School

The Spartan Speaks

Guide to Orono Homecoming Week 2023

Read the article below to learn about Oronos 2023 Homecoming Week schedule.
Frank Landis
Read the article below to learn about Orono’s 2023 Homecoming Week schedule.

After a month of school, the leaves have begun to change, students have gotten adjusted to another year of learning, and once again, Homecoming Week is right around the corner. Because the whole week is so jam-packed full of activities, it is important to know what is going on from the dress-up day theme to the Spartan Hour event. So, compiled below is a list of Homecoming Week’s activities, stretching from Monday’s knockerball game to Saturday’s dance.

Monday the 2nd: The dress-up theme to start off the week is PJs and Js (Pajamas and jerseys). What this means is that students are encouraged to come to school in their pajamas, but to wear a jersey atop them, from a sports team either Orono-related or professional, for an extra flair. The schedule differs from a normal day, with 7th and Spartan Hour being swapped, so that the school event can be placed at the end of the day. Monday’s celebration is the announcement and coronation of the Homecoming King and Queen, along with pomp and school spirit for the rest of the Homecoming court.

Tuesday the 3rd: The theme for dress-up on Tuesday is class color, which is white for seniors, purple for juniors, Carolina blue for sophomores, green for freshmen, and pink for the staff. The hallways of each floor will be decorated by grades in their own colors, showing off their individual spirits. The class schedule is the same as Monday, so at the end of the day everyone will gather into the gymnasium to participate in Class Comp. Class Comp is an event where each grade sends forth tributes to participate in games to represent their grades, with the grade receiving the most points winning. Games this year include: blind musical chairs, hungry hippos, and floor hockey.

Wednesday the 4th: While there are no special school events on Wednesday, there are opportunities for upperclassmen. Wednesday’s theme is college and career day, where students dress up in the merchandise of the school or career they wish to enter following high school. The reason for this theme is because there is the Minnesota National College Fair in Minneapolis, and upperclassmen are invited to attend so they can think about their futures. Further information will be released by the school district regarding busing to the event.

Thursday the 5th: Ski vs surf is Thursday’s theme, meaning students have the option whether they want to wear clothes showing their love for the Minnesota winter or the California shore. The schedule is the same as Monday and Tuesday, so there is another end-of-day event, this time at the football field. A knockerball tournament will be held between the grades, and the winners will receive school-wide recognition and bragging rights.

Friday the 6th: Now, Friday is by far the most action-packed day. The whole school will unite under the dress-up theme of spartan spirit, showcasing their reds, whites, and blues for the whole world to see. Following 1st hour, the junior and senior girls will ruthlessly compete in the powderpuff football game. Then, the school day will continue as normal until 1:15 p.m., which is when the parade will begin. For the next half hour, floats will march down Old Crystal Bay Road, displaying all the grades, sports, clubs, and even the Homecoming court of Orono High School. Afterwards, the pep fest will begin at the football field, where all the sports captains will hype up the crowd and let everyone know how their sports seasons have been going. Later that night from 5:30-7, the Orono Student Senate will be hosting a tailgate party by the rock. Furthermore, three food trucks have been hired for the game and will be parked right by the entrance to Pesonen Stadium. Lastly, but certainly not the least important, the Orono Football Team will be playing Providence Academy starting at 7 p.m., with the half-time event being a dance show performed by the Homecoming court.

Saturday: The big day of the dance finally arrives after a long week of celebrations. The dance is from 8:30-10 p.m. at the Pesonen Stadium Plaza. Tickets can either be bought on MyPaymentsPlus or at the door for $10.. The dance will be under a covered tent and MCed by student DJs, ensuring a fun time for everyone.

After everything said, all that can be advised is to relax, have fun, and enjoy this year’s Orono Homecoming Week!

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