Meet the Library Staff


Ella Fellman

A class in the library.

The library was redone three years ago but along with the new renovations there is a new library staff. The Media Center Clerk is Ms. Wickman, and the Media Specialist is Ms. Frie.

“My main job as a media specialist is cataloging books and making decisions about what books or the curriculum. I am also a resource for things especially like research projects, or digital resources. This year I taught AP research, next year I’ll be teaching Writer’s Workshop and Creative Writing online,” Frie said.

The library also offers a lot of activities like puzzles, coloring sheets and a variety of books to give students a brain break during the day.

“As the library clerk I place orders, provide computers, some technical support and I’m here for whatever the students’ needs are. Every day I look forward to coming here to be around the students,” Wickman said.

The new renovations that were made modernized the library.

“One of the biggest changes is getting independent reading project books out on the floor. Front and center, easy for kids to find, because that’s the biggest reason why kids come and check out a book,” Frie said.

Couches and different kinds of chairs were added as well as high top tables. These different spaces give students a great place to do puzzles or color.

The media center is a great space to do homework or spend time taking a break. The library space has a very welcoming feel and is always busy with students. Ms. Frie and Ms. Wikman work very hard to make the library a relaxing and fun place for the students.