Student Senate is Looking for New Members



Every spring, Orono elects its presidents and senators to help aid the schools in its many activities. Continue reading to learn more.

Every year, Orono’s Student Senate has a large number of activities to plan. This year alone, they have been responsible for planning five dances, two spirit weeks, as well as countless fundraisers and school sanctioned events. The body is elected by the students themselves, with roughly ten regular senators per grade along with a class president and vice president. Overseeing everyone are the student body co-presidents, who have been elected by the entire high school instead of just their grade. Being a senator is an enormous responsibility due to the amount of events they are responsible for planning, but there is a lot of fun to be found as well.

Mrs. Nohner, teacher at Orono High School, is one of two teachers in charge of managing the student senate, with Mr. Lundquist being the other one. Having been in the position for some time, Mrs. Nohner is very knowledgeable in the functions of the Student Senate.

“Planning fun events, like homecoming and prom, liaison between the students and administration with formal and informal meetings with the administration 1-2 times a year, and service on behalf of the students of OHS with examples such as the blood drive and the service auction,” Nohner said when talking about responsibilities and activities Senate has and does.

However, with all these different events to plan and the responsibilities that come along with it, the Orono Student Senate is not for everyone. When asked about what qualities they want in members, Nohner replied that they want those interested in holding a leadership role and are confident in planning events. People interested should also be known as hard workers and be willing to stand up for others.

With all of that considered, some students may still be left with the questions such as: How do I join? Nohner explained that in order for a student to join Student Senate as a normal senator, they must make a petition at the end of the school year and get 30 signatures. Then, they are on the ballot and will be voted on on election day. If one wishes to be a president, they need a running mate as well as a petition with 6o signatures. Along with that, a written speech and a video of them giving reasons why their grade, or the student body, should vote for them is necessary to be on the ballot.

Student Senate is an organization at Orono High School that devotes its time to planning the many school events during the year. While a lot of responsibilities and requirements are involved, the kids involved find it to be a fun and unforgettable experience.