Students at OHS Wrap Up Their First Week of AP Exams


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AP Exams have started and students are feeling the pressure to do well. Studying has become top priority for them as they yearn for a passing score.

May has hit, meaning Advanced Placement (AP) testing is in full swing. Orono students are preparing with last minute studying and attempting to keep their anxiety and nerves to a minimum.

AP exams take place in May, at the end of the school year in order to tests students on the information they have culminated throughout the year in their AP courses. Although each is different, the exams consist of a section of multiple choice questions and a section of free response questions.

You can earn credit, advanced placement, or both with these courses and their exams. Nearly all U.S. colleges, universities and international institutions honor the scores of students who take the AP exams. According to the College Board, each school has a policy in which they are clear as to what credits their students can earn and the only way to know for sure is by sending your scores to the place you are enrolling in.

Many students at Orono are challenging themselves in the courses and taking the exams this week in hopes of earning credit for their post secondary education.

“I take one AP class a year in order to try and earn credit for college so I can reduce the amount of courses I am required to take,” senior Delaney Whitney said. “[AP courses and exams] also prepare you for what college classes will be like.”

Students continue to prepare and reflect on their exams that they are taking this year.

“On Tuesday, May 3rd at noon, I took the AP Psychology exam which I felt prepared for because I practiced with past exams. I also am taking Statistics on Thursday, May 5th and I have been preparing for it in class by reviewing FRQs,” senior Freya Clifford said.

Big exams such as these can be nerve racking for students but teachers of the Advanced Placement courses are preparing them to the best of their ability.

“We completed the course’s content 10 days before the exam and have dedicated those class periods to study time for the exam,” AP Human Geography teacher Mr. Bohl said. We began by taking a released past exam so students could break down each unit and figure out where to focus their study, and continued with the reviewing of FRQs, games and independent study time.”

According to Khan Academy, identifying your strengths and weaknesses, allowing yourself time to relax and beginning the exam with affirmations, are all great ways to equip yourself for an exam.

“I felt relieved after [the AP exam]. A lot of stress was lifted off of my shoulders when I finished and was able to leave,” Whitney said.