Mixed Feelings Surrounding the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics



The 2022 winter Olympics took place in Beijing as the opening ceremony celebrated the beginning of the games.

Around the world, the Olympics are watched by people everywhere; every two years for the winter Olympics, and every four years for the summer Olympics. With this year being the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, over 2,800 athletes participated and 91 nations competed against each other.

Throughout the history of the Olympics, new events have been added. This year in Beijing, they added seven new events: Women’s Monobob, Men and Women’s Big Air Skiing, Mixed Team Relay in Short Track Speed Skating, Mixed Team Ski Jumping, Mixed Team Snowboard Cross and Freestyle Skiing Mixed Team Aerials.

“It’s just another opportunity for those athletes to compete at the games, and for their sport to be showcased,” the director of snowboarding and free skating at the U.S. Ski and Snowboard association, Jeremy Forster said.

The Swedish delegation noticed some things later in the evening when athlete Frida Karlsson was seen shaking and close to collapsing at the end of her women’s 7.5km skiathlon. There have been many athletes, especially Frida, that were struggling to enjoy the actual Olympics, according to the experts at USA Today.

“I think the Olympics have done a good job adapting to the pandemic. Staying in individual rooms, continuing to wear masks, and social distancing have helped keep the Olympics safe. I really like the Winter Olympics a lot. However, there are many more sports that don’t interest me at all making it somewhat less entertaining and not as enjoyable to watch, especially during the winter olympics,” senior Ben Halloff said.

Throughout the period of the Olympics and the Coronavirus, the total viewing of the Olympics was the lowest in history. There were a total of 11.4 million views throughout the 16-day period. In addition to the lack of viewership, there were also many issues associated with the athletes, such as food problems, and problems with the weather. China’s controversial policies also have an impact on the situation.

“I think the athletes should just all have to be in quarantine and then be able to participate in their events. Following up with getting more views, I think it would be best to allow more fans. Having more fans there would bring a higher number of advertisements. Having a higher number of advertisements will bring the total viewings up. I really enjoy watching the Olympics, especially the winter because of hockey,” senior Clay Ihrke said.

Although the Olympics did not have the greatest showing this year, there were still great things that happened, and many new athletes have shown out. The Olympics have come through adversity with the COVID pandemic constantly being a burden.

“I had no more muscles, no more energy, no more cardio. I remember I was drawn by my treatments. I almost wanted to quit sometimes because it was getting so hard just to get to the next morning,” Canadian snowboarder Max Parrot said, after winning gold in the men’s slopestyle event three years after undergoing chemotherapy to treat Hodgkin lymphoma.

All throughout the world, it’s hard for people to understand what the athletes are eating. This year there were mixed reviews of the food being provided for the athletes. There were many restaurants and other eating options throughout all of the Olympic bubble. However, the food was not consistent.

“It is just impossible to eat the rest of the food, I sleep all day because I don’t even have the strength to get out of bed. My bones are sticking out from losing a lot of weight,” Russian Biathlon participant Valeria Vasnetsova said.

Although it was not the outcome everyone wanted, the Olympic athletes competed, and Norway came out on top for a total of 16 gold medals, and 37 total medals