Fun Days with Frozen February Week


Perry Link

OHS seniors show their school spirit on USA day.

The Orono Student Senate put together a fun filled week, with dress-up days and activities, they have called, Frozen February Fun Week. The hope is to bring some more excitement to the students and staff at Orono. These events start on Feb. 7 and go until Feb. 11.

“This was going to be the week of winterfest but we weren’t allowed to have a big school gathering. Therefore we made some new events to bring some more fun and excitement to the school even though it isn’t exactly the same as the events of years past,” student body president Ben Summers said.

One of the main focuses of the week are the dress up days, in which students can receive prizes for being “exceptionally” dressed. Along with these exciting dress up days, the student senate has also set up activities during lunch, a happy heart hunt, and a medallion hunt.

OHS started the week with a bang. Monday, numerous students and staff showed their school spirit by participating in the pajama & blanket dress up day and a bingo lunch activity.

“It was a fun, easy way for everyone to participate comfortably,” senior Emily Nauss said.

Monday also began the week-long Happy-Heart-Hunting activity. This event consists of paper hearts that have been previously hung around the school containing three students’ names. These students can collectively turn their heart in to be placed in a prize drawing that will take place at the end of the week.

School spirit continued to shine on Tuesday with students and staff participating in the helmet or hat dress up day and the Kahoot trivia “Who Knows the High School the Best” that took place during lunch.

The day came to an exciting end with the first medallion of the week being hidden and found by two senior girls, Perry Link and Megan Kostial. 

Wednesday’s festivities continued with a neon vs. camo dress up day which was amped up with a dress up day fashion show during lunch. 

“I thought the fashion show was an amusing, creative way to showcase school spirit,” freshman Zoe Lopez said.

The day concluded with the second medallion being found by two junior boys, Rylan Hunt and Angus Muldoon. 

Thursday’s dress up day consisted of a USA dress up day with another kahoot trivia game, “Guess the Disney Movie”, during lunch. This wasn’t the end of Thursday’s events however, there was also a snowman building activity at the Trails of Orono and royalty readers at Schuman Elementary. 

The third and final medallion of the week was found by two boys, Walter Royal and Jack Thompson.

OHS ended the week on a high note. The final dress up day was Fishing Friday or Lake Day and the lunch activity was Nutrition Service Workers and Custodial staff appreciation. The second day of Royalty Readers also took place and the Happy-Heart-Hunting came to an end.