Music recommendations based on the artists and genres you know and love

In this age of technology, being able to listen to music is at our fingertips. In the click of a button, anyone can play any genre or style of music they desire. According to the popular music streaming service, Spotify, there are over 1,300 genres of music. Most people would recognize pop, rap, rock, and country as the most popular genres, but there are so many variations and subgenres that make up the complex world of music today.

With so much music at our disposal, how could someone ever get bored or run out of things to listen to? Somehow, many teens today find themselves stuck listening to the same few artists on repeat. Spotify and Apple Music have done a remarkable job recommending new songs, albums, and artists to their users based on their listening history, but finding something you really enjoy can still be a challenge. The interactive visual below can help you find new music based on the genres and artists you already listen to and love!