Has the Pandemic and Virtual School Ruined our Work Ethic?

Last March, Orono Schools were sent the news that school would be online for what seemed to be only two weeks, but we would soon learn would become an entire year. After an extended lockdown and a year-long battle of Covid-19, we ask the question: is it too late to reverse what this year has done to our work ethic?

The problem that has been introduced is COVID has slowed down work ethic and imagination. We told ourselves that the extra time quarantine gave us would help us get our lives back on track if we were behind, or wanted to finally try out that hobby. But did the extended quarantine help more than harm?

Finding the drive to put in work for school or activities can be extremely difficult when you have to do it alone at home. Virtual school was one of the many pernicious factors that made this issue much more difficult according to many students.

“Now that we’re back in school after being online for almost a year, it is difficult to keep up with everything going on as well as shifting to a fast-paced schedule which was not the case a month ago,” senior Matt Fasbender said.

As students transition from taking online classes to in-person interactions for over six hours at a time, many students struggle with social anxiety. “The overstimulation and social interaction can feel overwhelming after going so long with doing school on my own at home. Transitioning from interacting with very little people to packed classes was something I wasn’t fully aware would be so stressful.” Orono student Chase Schlobohm said.

Although adjusting can be overwhelming after we become comfortable with our surroundings, it is important us students learn to deal with our constantly changing environment COVID-19 has put us in. Here are some helpful and friendly tips to keep you on track during this exceptionally unusual year we find ourselves in.