Snowmen for Seniors


Cate Challgren

Orono students gather around the snowman they made outside the windows at the Trails of Orono.

Although this past year has brought on many obstacles, Orono students are keeping up the spirits and spreading positivity throughout the community. This past week, students gathered at the Trails of Orono Senior Citizen center to make snowmen outside of the windows for the residents to see.

Senior Jordan Arends says, “It felt great to help locals in our community who have had such a rough time this past year with Covid. I’m so happy we were able to come together and spread joy to the residents. I would love to figure out something we could do to help better their spring as well!” Arends said.

Students also said a resident came outside briefly to thank them for the gesture and say how thankful he was. Small acts of kindness such as this is what keeps a community strong and hopeful during this challenging time.