New Wednesday schedule


Gracie Hornbaker

Wednesdays will now follow an alternate schedule.

This past week students in grades nine and twelve have returned to the school’s hybrid learning model. Students continue to be split into group A and group B. Group A attends school in person every Monday and Thursday while group B attends school in person every Tuesday and Friday.

“I liked the later start time in the morning but I felt like the class periods went by so fast that teachers weren’t able to do much during the 20 minutes” senior Elise Adair said.

Unlike the previous hybrid learning schedule, group A and B take turns attending school in person every other Wednesday. Wednesdays start time will be pushed back two and a half hours each week to allow teachers the extra time for planning and prep. Classes are shortened to 20 minutes with an exception of period five which is split into four lunch periods lasting 24 minutes each. The other change to the schedule regards period four being moved to after period five.

For the next two weeks, grades 10 and 11 will continue distance learning before returning to the hybrid learning schedule on February 17th. At this time students are expected to attend school in person on their scheduled days and follow teacher instruction at home on their distance learning days.