2020 Presidential Election Live Results


Lauryn Pietrzak

Lauryn Pietrzak, Broadcast/Video Editor

The 2020 Presidential Election is this evening and the results from the polls throughout the country are gradually coming in. As ballots are being counted, the winner of the electoral college votes from each state is being announced. The race is between current President, Republican Elect Donald Trump and former Vice President Democratic Elect Joe Biden. This election, though, is different from any other year before. Due to the complications of COVID-19, many people decided to submit mail-in or absentee ballots as opposed to voting in person. Because of this, votes will not be able to be counted as fast, and it will take a few days for all results to be reported from every state. Nonetheless, many states will report results this evening, starting from the east and moving to the west as the polls close throughout the nation. And here we will be informing you every hour throughout the night as votes are being counted and reported and candidates take lead and win electoral votes in each state.


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