Scientific COVID Article

Faith Hanson, Online Layout Designer

The coronavirus pandemic is dramatically affecting individuals worldwide, and as of October of 2020 there have been a reported 36.7 million confirmed cases and 1.06 million deaths according to The New York Times. It is crucial that people stay informed about updates regarding COVID-19. COVID-19 is a strain of SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) that is commonly contracted within humans and animals such as bats, cattle, and cats (cdc).

The structure of the Covid-19 virus is simple, which has made it easier for scientists to understand how they work. They are spheres coated with spikes, which are derived from proteins. The spikes cause the coronaviruses to be able to attach and infect our healthy cells (ukri).

Quarantine, social distancing, and self-isolation have become a prominent topic of conversation in response to the pandemic, according to the CDC. Schools have had to resort to online distance learning and hybrid models, meaning that some schools are allowing students to be in person, but have a 50% capacity to ensure social distancing regulations. This change has had a variety of opinions from both teachers and students.

“I honestly think it is easier being able to have hybrid learning. I like being able to do my schoolwork at home but am still able to go and ask my teachers questions in person and see other students,” junior Eva Abler said.

There has been an increase in concern about Covid-19 having a spike in infections with winter drawing near. This has been a concern mainly due to the fact that many diseases have outbreaks that depend on the time of year, due to factors including changes in temperature and humidity. However, because the Coronavirus is a human pathogen, there is no certainty that the transmission rates will change seasonally.

Scientists are still working to find the most effective way to ensure and control the spread of SARS-CoV-2. One of those ways is remembering to wash your hands whenever you can. The virus is made of primarily proteins and fatty layers, which make it easier for soap and alcohol to pull apart the virus. With soap having the ability to dissolve fat, it destroys the membrane causing the particles to break down (ukri). It is tremendously important that everyone stays informed on the latest news regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, and that they remember to wash their hands.