Covid-19 impacts familial relationships


Gabby Hyrkas

A few ideas of what to do with your family while the stay at home order is in effect.

Gabby Hyrkas, Features Editor

Since the coronavirus outbreak in Minnesota, Governor Tim Walz has issued a stay at home order effective until May 4. This causes families to stay together in their homes unless they are essential workers, doing recreational activities, taking care of others or obtaining necessary supplies and services according to the Minnesota Department of Health and Walz’s executive order.

Spending time with your family increases communication, creates a stronger bond in familial relationships and children have less behavioral problems according to a study done by South University. The stay at home order is forcing families to spend more time than usual with each other.

“It gives us opportunities to grow closer and spend more quality time together but at the same time it gives us more opportunities to fight and argue,” Iowa State University freshman Megan Larson said.

However some students do not have the same experience.

“I feel like it is worsening the relationship because we are not used to being forced to stay together for this long, so it makes us more annoyed and aggravated with each other when we usually wouldn’t be,” senior Zack Simon said.

With the covid-19 pandemic, the number of cases in Minnesota are still rising and the stay at home order still standing despite protests. So, families are continuing to adapt to a new way of living which can ultimately cause tension according to Research Associate Professor of Sociology for the University of Michigan, Paula Fomby.