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All The News That’s Fit To Print: Column by Roxy Neset.

Roxy Neset, Staff Reporter

Roxy Neset
Staff Reporter

Viral Outbreak Threatens China
A recent outbreak of coronavirus in China has swept through the nation, causing widespread fear for residents on lockdown. Coronavirus is most usually associated with the common cold, but severe symptoms include fever, cough, and respiratory failure. Because coronavirus is transmitted through air or contact with an infected person, China has implemented travel restrictions to help stop the spread of coronavirus to other parts of China. The largest amount of cases is in the east-central city of Wuhan, causing many nearby cities and itself to be shut down.

Impeachment Comes to an End
The impeachment of President Donald Trump has ended. The Senate acquitted President Trump on Feb. 5, following a two-month impeachment process. The effects of the acquittal have yet to be seen on President Trump’s campaign for re-election, but there has been controversy on whether the impeachment will strengthen or weaken Trump’s chances to be president for another four years.

Venezuela’s Underreported Refugee Crisis
In Venezuela, the dire political situation has caused four million native Venezuelans to trek through mountainous areas and parts of the Amazon Rainforest to escape the harsh regime of Nicholas Maduro. Under the rule of Maduro, living standards have decreased and poverty has increased. The situation is especially precarious because of its plentiful proven oil reserves, causing many countries not to involve themselves in humanitarian or political aid.

Democratic Presidential Candidates
Democrats and Republicans alike have watched the democratic debates on TV, but the question everyone is asking is; who will run against President Trump? The latest polls report Bernie Sanders as the most popular with 24% of the vote, but not to be ignored is Joe Biden, only trailing Sanders by 1%.