Decision Day 2019: Student’s Post-High School Plans


Kenzie Taylor

Senior Fischer Eiss and Pierce Pennaz celebrating their future plans.

Kenzie Taylor
Opinions Editor

Wednesday May 1st marked Decision Day nationwide, where seniors gathered to announce and celebrate their post-high school plans by making pendants featuring their choice and taking pictures with friends. In addition, they represented their plans with apparel from where they plan on attending

However, college isn’t the only post- High School option; many students opt for a gap year, start to work, join the army or navy and more.

At Orono High School, this event is highly anticipated, “I had a great time celebrating with friends and seeing all of the different schools everyone will be going to,” senior Nickie Anderson said.

With choices varying from St. Olaf in Minnesota to the Crane School of Music in upstate New York, Orono students will be dispersed around the country.