Garden Club is Growing Like a Weed


Isa Chavez

A few of the more than 150 plants currently growing in Herring’s classroom.

Isa Chavez
Staff Reporter

Orono’s Garden Club has taken the plant game by storm. Lead by English Teacher and plant enthusiast Kyle Ann Herring, Garden Club was started to combat the winter blues during the six months of Minnesota winter. Mikayla Burns, Ashley Hemstock and Ronan Banavige started this club with Herring, and it sure has sprouted.

With 25 members and more than 150 plants sprouting, Garden Club is growing a variety of crops to help welcome the beginning of spring. Growing in the back corner of Herring’s room, the sprouting plants bring joy and hope for the emerging spring season.

Herring often starts the meetings with her signature “Go Garden Club!” phrase which encourages the growth of new plants and the continuation of the club. In about 2 weeks these plants are traveling home with students. Garden club is ready for the spring season.